Centre for Hope has developed a leadership course for business and school leaders, after requests to adapt the five-circle community model to these sectors and their constantly changing environments.


"The Leadership Velocity Program starts with

the individual at the centre then ripples

out through to their environment"


This unique and multi-level model helps to build the individual’s confidence, belief and resilience that flows onto their engagement with team, peers and organisation as well as creating awareness that there are alternatives for managing change.


The five-circle community model has proven successful in working with disadvantaged young people, who are continually faced with multiple stresses through their home, school, peer and community interactions.


Through a coaching and mentoring system, they learn skills and strategies to deal with their stresses and their behaviours start to change as do their ability to cope with changes and support each other.


This system was created by Centre for Hope’s CEO Geraldine Moran from her years in corporate environments developing and delivering skills and strategies to cope with stress.


It is now being delivered back to its roots, the business community, with some not-for- profit nuances, as the Leadership Velocity Program, which provides new ways to lead and respond to evolving needs of businesses and schools while also providing revenue for Centre for Hope and its ongoing work with disadvantaged youth.


The Leadership Velocity Program strengthens the individual’s leadership skills that help develop team support and stability as well as stronger outcomes for the organisation, its community and industry.


The one-day workshop is supported by two months of follow-up coaching sessions to help transfer the knowledge into everyday behavior.


For more information contact Geraldine Moran on info@centreforhope.com or 0438 466 029.