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My Community Project
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Thanks to the NSW Generations Fund, the My Community Project funds initiatives in each NSW electorate to help improve the wellbeing of the community and its residents. Successful projects are determined by public vote and the projects with the most votes will receive funding.


Please vote for our project to ensure the success of the next generation of leaders in our community.


Take part in helping young people grow through their journey.  Support them to know how to navigate through life's road blocks, speed humps, fast tracks and slippery curves and not to give up. This is essential for our collective future. 


And this is what we aim for in our new program which will run for 8 weeks. We want our young participants to:


  •          Celebrate the journey and share experiences and expectations with the community

  •          Identify who they are and what they want for their lives

  •          Develop emotional intelligence

  •          Build strength

  •          Create a map of value

  •          Create a resilient and thoughtful passage for their future

  •          Check in with a LYSN psychologist for extra support 

  •          Plan an event to celebrate their future with families, friends and the community  


A rite of passage is not something we celebrate these days.  We want this to become an annual program and taken up across the country and the world.


Help us be the change.