No Bull - "Bullying - what to do when you see it coming at you"



The workshop will identify and address the issue of bullying and the ways in which bullies operate face to face and when using online platforms. Students will assist in identifying actions they could undertake when experiencing bullying. They will be able to identify bullying behaviours in others and identify behaviours in students being bullied.




The workshop will run for 3 hours with a break programmed. The workshop can be delivered to suit the timing of lessons in each school.




There will be three presenters per session:


  • Set up situation involving role play of bullying

  • Kate Miller-Heidke song

  • Bullying Debrief: what did you think when you saw the bullying? What effect did it have on you? Students to work in groups of 20-30, facilitated by presenters

  • Our Story: each of the presenters tells their story

  • Tools to deal with bullying

  • Wrap up – a kind word goes a long way




Students will be able to identify bullying behaviours. Students will be able to deconstruct behaviours and bullying scenarios


Students will engage in a workshop scenario to identify tools to deal with bullying behaviours and situations.




This workshop can be delivered at a cost of $1000 per session. Each session can be delivered to no more than 100 students to be effective.

TLC - "Talk, Learn, Connect - a program for educators and corporate organisations"



This workshop will help identify educational tools and practices that can be used in the work place and the classroom to engage and inspire colleagues and students. It will also afford teams the opportunity to develop tools specific to particular workplace needs.




The workshop will run for 4 hours (including break). The workshop is appropriate for professional development and team building and planning days.




Up to four presenters will facilitate each session and we will introduce you to “Todd”. Todd has been unemployed since 1972. The rest will become apparent when you meet him.


Content includes:


  • This is Water – an introduction to the theme of the presentation

  • Shifting thinking: this session will encourage outside the square thinking and approaches to current problems and restriction facing educational institutions and their staff

  • Inspiration: we introduce to you an inspirational and motivational speaker

  • Yes There’s More: additional tools to engage students (and colleagues) more effectively. This section is based on Glasser’s Choice Theory

  • Innovation: develop processes that can be used for problem solving, instigating new thinking and formulating action plans to introduce dynamic changes

  • Tell Your Story: Here comes Todd.




  • Empowerment of teams to introduce innovative ideas into schools and organisations with a developed plan for action

  • Participants will be motivated to create an inspirational environment for their students (and each other in the process)

  • Participants will have additional strategies to engage in Positive Behaviour Management.




This workshop can be delivered at a starting cost of $5000. Costs are negotiable dependent on time and number of speakers. The program can be varied dependent on particular needs.

S4S - "Steps for Success"



At Centre For Hope we believe that when you recognise, understand and can build on unique and individual strengths, our young people can move beyond their perceived and embedded limiting beliefs. 



Steps to Success is the program Centre For Hope runs in high schools. We run weekly in school sessions and our students work in groups with coaches and mentors.


Learn More about Steps for Success

Sounds interesting doesn't it! The best way to move forward with your enquiry is to give our team a call and discuss what outcomes you would like from our Steps for Success program.  

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