Term 3 Study Skills

As we approach the end of Term 3, exam season looms closer. While this period of time can be very nerve-wracking for students, there are plenty of tips and tricks to limit stress and improve concentration.

Tip 1: Use Colour

Using coloured paper, pens or even note cards can make the process of studying much more enjoyable. It also helps you to remember extra details. Think about dividing your subjects into colour coded topics to memorise content more effectively.

Tip 2: Remove All Distractions

Finding a study space that is quiet, comfortable and without distractions is extremely important for productive work. This may be at home, at the local library or even at our Drop-In Centre in Windale.

While it can be difficult to switch off in our digitally connected world, turning off your phone for a few hours can also positively impact your learning. Downloading apps such as Pocket Pointsor Forest reward you for not using your phone for extended periods of time and can be really motivating.

Tip 3: Treat Yourself

Sometimes the best way to motivate yourself is to treat yourself! Rewarding yourself with food or another positive activity can really push you to work harder. For example, some students give themselves a chocolate bar after each chapter of revision that they complete. Other students reward themselves with half an hour of outdoor activity after 2 hours of hard work. The trick is to find the reward that is the best fit for you!

Tip 4: Use A Timetable

When the due dates start to pile up and you begin to feel overwhelmed, the best thing to do is to create a study timetable. This timetable can be as colourful and creative or plain and simple as you like. By breaking your day into smaller goals that take up less time, you can plan ahead, hold yourself accountable and feel like you are crossing things off your to do list.

Tip 5: Find Help

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Some of us are better at Maths while others are better at English. Instead of avoiding the subjects and topics that we find difficult, it is really important to reach out to your teachers, parents or even friends for help. A few weeks before your exams, make sure you know exactly what will be covered in your test and take the time to work on those areas that need extra attention.

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