Hampers from the Heart

Over the past 3 school terms, Centre for Hope has not been able to operate as usual by running our programs in schools due to COVID restrictions, because of this we have had to think of creative and new ideas to help support and care for our local communities. Hampers from the Heart is just one of the many ways we have continued to do this by providing our areas with aid in the form of care packages.

Many of our locals have been greatly affected and disadvantaged further with the onset of COVID19. Many people have experienced job loss or a severe reduction in their much needed hours of work, even more have been affected mentally by the fear and anxiety that has been spread with the virus itself.

To counter this fear, we have been visiting many houses of the locals to provide a wellbeing check and a hamper to the families. These check ins and hampers have been well received within the communities and we have met many new community members in doing so.

The hampers that we have been providing to families have included fruit and vegetables from the very generous Lambton Fruit Market, and wonderful donations from Good360 on behalf of their donors.

These donations have included schooling and art supplies, books, hair care and toiletries, bed sheets, toys, washing detergent and other household products, and other general household supplies and adornments.

We are so thankful to the community for rallying around us on this project and it is because of the generosity and kindness of this community that this project has been as successful as it has. It has been a touching experience for everyone involved and we are so humbled by those that have let us into their homes and into their lives. We have each learnt something new by being part of this project and many wonderful and lasting memories have been made. We wish to thank all those involved.

We would like to offer special thanks specifically to the team at Good360 and the generous donors that have made it possible for this project to go ahead. We wish to also extend thanks and appreciation to Clint and his great team at Lambton Fruit Market; without your help and support for this project many families may not have had the food that they need to survive. You have done a wonderful service to the community by ensuring that pantries did not go empty over this period.

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